QCAT hearing held on 8/8/2018 result

A court hearing held at QCAT in Brisbane on 8/8/2018 against BGA PTY LTD, T/as Bob Grant Automatics was dismissed by the court.

The presiding judge said Mr Harper had based his complaint on “hearsay” with no supporting evidence to present to the court.

Prior to court hearing, false & manufactured invoices were retracted at mediation after Mr Grant proved them to be so.

Mr Harper’s claim was based on phone calls to 2 other shops suggesting negligence on the part of BGA PTY LTD.

Written submissions from these shops were presented to the court stating

  1. “If we had heard both sides of the story my advice would have been different ……”
  2. “Having heard the information from both sides we would not have given the customer the same advice we did as he did not give us truthful information”

Bob Grant would like to sincerely thank those involved who supported him throughout this ordeal.

carbon fibre nose cone

  The pre-preg carbon fibre nose cone emerges from mould. A huge amount of work compared to wet lay, but the result and light weight have made it all worth while. Next are the main body panels, which compared to the complex nose cone should be much quicker to make.


Greg Leahy and the Geezers crew win the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship, Competition Eliminator at Sydney Dragway, Nov 2014.

In an amazing gesture of generosity Greg, crew chief Geoff Dell & Roly Parker decided to present the BGA team with the Gold Christmas Tree !!

Greg said it was in recognition of over 20 years of service to his racing career.

Bob Grant, Gary Rose & Rhys Marshall accepted the trophy with pride and honour at the their Coorparoo workshop.



Wayne Jones at Willowbank Raceway just before hitting the wall at 200mph. Wayne suffered multiple vertebrae fractures but is on the mend.

Although the chassis is written off, the rest is undamaged and is currently being fitted to a new chassis.

YouTube footage : Wayne Jones Loose in Deep End


Salt Lake 28 Ford

Danny Gathercole swapped his ¼ mile treads for salt lake razor blades and gave his blown 28 A model a run at Lake Gairdner, South Australia.


Wayne Jones BB dragster is making good progress toward  a return to the track. A custom crank trigger made by Wayne will enable better timing control and with two complete transmissions and a number of torque converters to work with the team are looking to be in better control of tyre shake.

Built in 1996 the  BB dragster with its iron 361cu.in, PSI supercharged smallblock Chev mated to a BGA prepared Powerglide rewrote the record book.

The worlds first 5 second automatic pass was made. This happened at Willowbank on 14th Jan 1997 with an astonishing 5.967 second pass. This with a Bowtie iron small block and original aluminum case Powerglide.

This car has continuously held BB/D Automatic speed and ET records:

ET 6.150 since 3/97   MPH 226.93 since 11/96



Australian Funny Car legend Jim Walton on left and Bob Grant had a great time crewing for the Leahy brothers at the 2012 California Hot Rod Reunion at Fomosos Raceway, Bakersfield.

Jim, also a transmission shop owner, had plenty to talk about with Bob Grant.

Jim ran the Thunder Downunder funny car among others.


Roly Leahy honored

Teams from down under were recognized for their support at the Fomoso Nitro Nostalgia Meet.

Greg Leahy drove the “For Ever Young”  front engine dragster in exhibition pass’s in memory of his late father Roly Leahy.


Peter Leahy drove the PartyTime altered to the final in 7.0 Pro B class at Fomoso Raceway Oct 21. A great achievement for his first time in the car.

Co owner Greg Leahy said the team were estatic to make it so far with over 60 entries in the class.