QCAT hearing held on 8/8/2018 result

A court hearing held at QCAT in Brisbane on 8/8/2018 against BGA PTY LTD, T/as Bob Grant Automatics was dismissed by the court.

The presiding judge said Mr Harper had based his complaint on “hearsay” with no supporting evidence to present to the court.

Prior to court hearing, false & manufactured invoices were retracted at mediation after Mr Grant proved them to be so.

Mr Harper’s claim was based on phone calls to 2 other shops suggesting negligence on the part of BGA PTY LTD.

Written submissions from these shops were presented to the court stating

  1. “If we had heard both sides of the story my advice would have been different ……”
  2. “Having heard the information from both sides we would not have given the customer the same advice we did as he did not give us truthful information”

Bob Grant would like to sincerely thank those involved who supported him throughout this ordeal.

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